Miller Washington &  Kim is a strong advocate for alternative dispute resolution. We are committed to finding fair and equitable solutions to our clients’ personal as well and legal issues. Mediation is cost effective, low risk, and an underutilized tool in solving disputes. Mediation involves the services of a well trained, certified, and neutral mediator, whose main goal is to assist opposing parties resolve their legal disputes without involving the time, expense and emotional wear and tear of litigation.

Mediation is generally a six step process. The first step is the introduction by  the mediator describing his or her role in the mediation process, and affirming the confidentially of the mediation. The second step is a statement of the problem by the parties, so that each side may give a brief and concise explanation of their problem. If either party desires, this can be done privately to the mediator, without the other party present, and the parties can remain in separate locations throughout the mediation.  The third step involves information gathering by the mediator, and sometimes the parties, to get a better sense of how he or she may help the parties come to an agreement. The fourth step involves a more precise identification of the problems and legal issues being presented by the parties. The fifth step involves bargaining and generating options for an agreement between the parties. The sixth and final step is reaching an agreement.

Oktober M. Miller is the firm’s mediator. He received training and certification while attending law school. During his training, Oktober worked as a pro bono volunteer in the Contra Costa  County Court, Small Claims Division, mediating contract, landlord-tenant, and civil harassment disputes.