Chez Panisse “Planting Seeds in Havana” Project

“Planting Seeds” Exploratory Trip to Havana, March, 2012

The Chez Panisse Foundation, Green Cities Fund and Cuba’s Antonio Nunez Jimenez Foundation have embarked on a program to improve the Cuban diet through local, sustainable, organic food production. Chez Panisse founder’s assistant, Varun Mehra reports in the May 2012 issue of  “Paper Magazine”  on his exploratory trip to Cuba in March of 2012.

Occupy Challenge & Cuba Exchange

Letters SF Chronicle 5/7 & 18/2012

Vietnam Redux

Submitted NY Times – 2/5/12

Dear Editor:

Not unlike Vietnam, there are two wars in Afghanistan: the war of
“success” portrayed to the American public, and the real war on the
ground [“Taliban Captives Dispute U.S. View on State of War” 2/2].
The best the U.S. can hope for is a “decent interval” between
departure and the emergence of the political reality upon which the
U.S. attempted to impose its will.


Tom Miller


NY Times Letter 1/27/2012

Letters to the SF Chronicle – Role of Government and the Death Penalty


Slush Funds of Iowa

New York Times Letters to the Editor 1/3/12

Dear Editor:

Add to the evil mix of Supreme Court backed unlimited
unaccountable funding of political campaigns [“The Slush Funds of
Iowa” 1/3] that over 90% of elections are won by the candidate with the
most money and that 90% of campaign contributions come from the upper
5%, and you will see why there is such a disconnect between the public
good and Washington – and this does not take into account the ongoing
impact of the merry-go-round of legislators/corporate lobbyists.  Our
country is “Occupied”, but not by the 99%.


Tom Miller*

*The writer is a member of the Advisory Board of, a
non-profit organization devoted to tracking the impact of money on

Why a Slow Recovery in Haiti

Letters New York Times 1/9/12

Dear Editor:

Neither editorial [“Haiti’s Slow Recovery” 1/9] nor op-ed [“Haiti
Can Be Rich Again” 1/9] nor thousands of humanitarian organizations
competing to help Haiti (with notable exceptions such as Partners in Health)
face the Achilles Heel of Haitian society: a U.S.
supported small, elite group controls election outcomes by banning
candidates and political parties it does not like.  The result is a
disconnect between the Haitian government and its people and the
public good.  No wonder recovery is slow.


Tom Miller

Sara Lafleur-Vetter, Photographer/Journalist

The firm’s photographer, Sara Lafleur-Vetter, is also an accomplished radio journalist, covering The Occupation and other stories for Pacifica, the oldest listener supported radio network in the United States.  Here is the poignant story of “Lafleur’s” search for her father, a Vietnam War vet who was killed as a test pilot when she was 2 years old:


Remembering Dugald Stermer

Dugald was a much revered Lancaster Miller Publishers author/artist/illustrator, whose book “Vanishing Creatures” contained his exquisite drawings of animals now missing or perhaps soon to be missing from our planet. We last saw him at his close friend Jessica “Decca” Mitford’s memorial.  Decca’s book “The American Way of Death” exposed the rapaciousness of the funeral industry.  As a tongue in cheek commentary (a joke Decca would certainly have enjoyed), Dugald hired a fancy black carriage drawn by black horses for the occasion.

His New York Times obituary is below: