Chez Panisse “Planting Seeds in Havana” Project

“Planting Seeds” Exploratory Trip to Havana, March, 2012

The Chez Panisse Foundation, Green Cities Fund and Cuba’s Antonio Nunez Jimenez Foundation have embarked on a program to improve the Cuban diet through local, sustainable, organic food production. Chez Panisse founder’s assistant, Varun Mehra reports in the May 2012 issue of  “Paper Magazine”  on his exploratory trip to Cuba in March of 2012.

The Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

In 1972 Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker Pierre Dominique Gaisseau made a film on the hospital Tom Miller established there with plastic surgeon Arthur Barsky.  The hospital treated thousands of war-injured children, including Kim Phuoc, the little girl whose image running naked from her napalmed village shocked the world, and, with the help of Japan and Australia, continues to this day.  The film was shown nationally in Canada (CBC) and in the United States (NBC and PBS).  It can be viewed online at:


Occupy Challenge & Cuba Exchange

Letters SF Chronicle 5/7 & 18/2012

North Korea & Fizzled Military Spending

Letters – SF Chronicle 4/16/12

Alan Gross & The Cuba Five

From: Tom Miller
Date: Wed, Mar 21, 2012 at 2:13 AM
Subject: Free Alan Gross?
To: New York Times Letters

Dear Editor:

    If Alan Gross’ conviction in Cuba for his U.S. funded deceitful
activities is “absurd and inhumane”, so too are the U.S. convictions
of five Cubans for, as you state, “spying on anti-Castro exiles”.
It’s an even exchange, and to ask for one without the other [“Release
Alan Gross” Editorial 3/21] demeans Cuba’s very legitimate concern
over the illegal activities of those who have done so much harm to
Cuba, not the least of which is blowing up a civilian airliner killing over 60 people, including the entire Cuban Olympic fencing team – and where the U.S. has allowed the admitted perpetrator walk free.


Tom Miller


3.14.12 ltrs


Pepper Spray Art

Occupy Wall Street

On October 25th, 2011 there was a major police action in front of our offices in Old Oakland, where the OWS marchers, who had been forcibly removed from “Oscar Grant” park in front of City Hall, converged with a police line, which attempted to tear down their signs. The crowd pushed forward and the police grabbed a marcher, threw him to the ground and cuffed him. Surrounding the police the crowd shouted “Free Him” and “Don’t hurt the police”, as a few paint balls flew. Suddenly a phalanx of heavily armed police, shooting tear gas, flashbangs, rubber bullets and bean bags charged, striking anyone in their way with batons as the crowd disbursed to another location. The video below, taken from our office, shows the first part of the confrontation. Each attorney in our office is making their own decision, but I’ve joined my family in supporting OWS and will do what I can to help OWS achieve a more democratic society.

Here is the video:

Tom Miller

Dear Mr. President-The Change We Hoped For Was Not Supposed To Be You

Dear Mr. President-The Change We Hoped For Was Not Supposed To Be You